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And now it hits me, for the first time, shamefully: the sense that Urbit is Pynchonesque… it’s often said of Pynchon that nostalgia for the 60s is the animating theme of most of his later work, and here it is made explicit: the chain Usenet -> Reddit -> YouTube. (Clearly, I think this is a good thing.) Do I miss usenet? I have to say I only ever liked it from within emacs, with glowing characters on a black background. Seeing it on a web page, dark on light, is just not the same. Les neiges d’antan Once upon a time, it was fun to see what you could learn about an IP address that you found in a weblog. Who bothers anymore? Perhaps it is snowing, in a way that we are too sinful to perceive! There are plenty of numbers. We could all have one, forever; or until we die, and then we can, like Charlemagne, will them to our children, who will factor them at leisure

Agam Brahma @agam