A look at Gen-Z differences:


Mearsheimer on Ukraine (new)



Midjourney, a certain version of Mona Lisa

A morbid statistic

Three days of unread papers

Midjourney with “doors of perception” refinement

More Midjourney

Microsoft of old

Going through this old blog post (15 years ago!)

Ironically, Microsoft unintentionally helped create Ajax. The x in Ajax is from the XMLHttpRequest object, which lets the browser communicate with the server in the background while displaying a page. (Originally the only way to communicate with the server was to ask for a new page.) XMLHttpRequest was created by Microsoft in the late 90s because they needed it for Outlook. What they didn’t realize was that it would be useful to a lot of other people too—in fact, to anyone who wanted to make web apps work like desktop ones.

I like “pseudo-cognition” more than “AI”

Lego Star Wars weekend time

(clearing out old drafts !)

remembering “dal” in a weird way

Inspiration to write


  • Don’t wait for inspiration
  • Don’t wait for permission

On micro.blog

Reasons to favor micro.blog

  • The “slow” social network
  • For the “cold” takes; don’t have to discuss things at breakneck speed
  • for me, share a firehose, but without feeling like I’m spamming, without judgement

Interesting: Igor Tamm

Noticed two different kinds of “aircraft displays in airports”:

  • San Jose: an abstract rendition of a flying machine

  • San Diego: the actual Spirit of St Louis

Fine print

On deciphering ancient Minoan scripts