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Post-storm freshness

Sun and moon, seen through clouds

Gin and tonic

(A covid-era discovery)

On political stakes

On the psychology of layoffs in tech

Getting to the heart of the matter (!)

LiDaR is the gift that keeps giving, in the dense forests of South America:…

It’s good to make things _for fun_

A strange choice for a wine brand (!?)

On being normal while disconnected

Interesting quote from Justin Murphy:

We should try to disconnect from all of these culture-substitutes, which have been spoonfed to us by corporations in naked bids for cognitive control. And in the space that is opened up thereby, we should find ourselves re-wilding how we think, speak, write, and interact in small, private groups. We have to seek the good, the beautiful, and the true, at all costs, but from a place of cultivated ignorance rather than heavy over-knowing.

One should never seek to be weird or “creative.” That’s always lame. One should seek to be utterly normal, but without knowing what is normal to others.

A corner

A not-so-long-ago article on SBF by Sequoia:…

“After my interview with SBF, I was convinced: I was talking to a future trillionaire. Whatever mojo he worked on the partners at Sequoia—who fell for him after one Zoom—had worked on me, too…. I don’t know how I know, I just do. SBF is a winner.”

“He’s an ethical maximalist in an industry that’s overwhelmingly populated with ethical minimalists. … I know who I’d rather trust my money with: SBF, hands-down. And if he does end up saving the world as a side effect of being my banker, all the better.”

Pretty … unbelievable in hindsight.

Looking at Gemini and other “web bloat” fixes:…

On over-hyped claims and throwing around the word “wormhole”

Vaguely disturbing:…

Interesting historical tidbit: early Lisp had several “similar” languages that died out:

“The forty year programmer”…